Create a Phonebank List

From the menu, select Phonebank > Create.  This will take you to a screen that will allow you to set your filters and qualifiers for individuals to be a part of your call list.

Choose the area in which you would like to search for voters - select your county, city, and precinct. Apply the filters that you would like to use to narrow your results. Click “Submit” when you feel that you are ready.  If you submitted a criteria, but want to completely start over, just click “Reset” and everything will be set to the default settings (including the county, city, and precinct).

Once the system has had a moment to search through the database of voters, a list will display below the filtered criteria.  You will be able to see an example of what the data will look like as well as see a total number of voters contained within that phonelist.

In order to save the Phonelist, give your list a name and click Save.  The system will let you know when the list is saved successfully.

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