Manage Phonebank Lists

Under the Manage screen, you'll be able to keep track of all your created call lists and the progress made on each. From here, you can view each call list, it's voter count, numbers called, how many numbers are remaining on each list, and the user assigned to call that list.

Additionally, you'll have access to a list of several options for each call list.

To access your options, click the blue 'Options' button located next to each call list:

View: enables you to bring up a specific list to view each voter associated with that list.

Delete: removes call list from your Manage screen and deletes from the system.

Re-use: rename your list and reuse it for another phonebank session.

Voice-Mail: here you can enter a written voice mail script to appear in the phonebank for volunteers to read.

Assign users: clicking here will bring up a list of volunteers that you can assign to a specific list. You can also assign multiple users to a single call list.

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