Query Data

When you need to only export a list of voters, you can do so in a very similar manner as when you're creating walklists.

To export a list:

From the menu, go to Voter Data > Export Lists

Select by which county/city/precinct you wish to search by.

Then choose the specific criteria you would like to filter down your list of voters (election history, party affiliation, tags, etc.).

When you click Submit, Voter Gravity will query the database and return a count of the number of records that match your search as well as a preview of three records in the match.

Once you see the preview and the count for voters matching your search, you can then Save the list as a saved search or Export the list to a CSV.

To Save the list, enter a name in the List Name field and click Save.

To Export the list, just click the Export button. You can then choose to export by voters, household, or cancel. After you select by which method you would like to export, the system will generate a CSV file for you to download.

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