Manage Contacts

If you would like to add a new contact manually into the system, use this tool.

From the dashboard, click Contact Data > Manage

The following screen will present you with the "Campaign Contact" list.  To add a need contact, click "Add New Contact".

Insert all the relevant information that you have, then, click submit.

You will then be able to match the individual with their voter profile.  If you are not currently on the "Campaign Contact" screen, navigate back to it by click "Contact Data > Manage".

Find the individual that you just added to your contact list.  On the right side of their information, click the blue "Options" button.  From there, click, "Match Voter" from the dropdown list. Then do a search for the individual within the voter file we have on hand.

Find the matching voter profile for the individual that you are adding to your campaign contacts.

Click submit.  The individual is now matched with their voter profile.

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