Manage Duplicate Contacts

If you have imported information and the system detects that individuals have been added as a duplicate, this tool will allow you to merge the contacts together.

From the dashboard, select Contact Data > Manage Duplicate Contacts.

From this screen you will see all the contacts that have duplicates. To merge data points together, click the blue "Select to Merge" button next to each duplicate (there could be more than two duplicates for one contact, just select all data points that need to be merged). Once you have found all the duplicates, scroll to the top of the page.

From here double check all the contacts you have selected, if you see one that is incorrect or that you would like NOT to merge, click the red "Remove" button next to that individual.

If everything looks the way it should, click the green "Merge Contacts" button.

On the following screen you will be able to select which data points are the primary information for the individual. The greyed out buttons are the options that the system will take as being the information that you WANT recorded.

Once you are finished going through all the information, click the blue "Merge" button. The individual's information will now all appear under one profile.

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