System Tags

Tags are a central part of Voter Gravity and allow users to keep track of all kinds of information associated with a voter.  System Tags, specifically, are reusable tags that can be added to canvassing surveys, phone surveys, or added to voters via uploads and added directly to a voter's profile.

To create reusable System Tags, go to Manage > System Tags. Here you can create new System Tags, or edit and delete existing ones. Click the green button that says “Add New” to create your custom tag.

Type in the name of the tag you would like to create and then determine where that tag will be visible. The visibility options are:

Show on Survey: If Yes, this tag will appear as an option in the Survey Builder when adding a System Tag question to a survey.

Show on Portal Filters: If Yes, this tag will appear in the list of tags on the filters.

Show on Mobile Search: If Yes, this tag will appear in the list of tags when searching for a voter using the mobile app.

Using these visibility options, you can set up tags that are primarily for internal use (such as visible on Survey and Filters but not Mobile) or for volunteer use (visible on Mobile Search).

It is easy to edit the tags as well.  On the right of every tag, there is a blue “Options” button.  Click that button and you will get the following options: Edit or Delete.  If you would like to edit the visibility or tag name, click the option labelled “Edit” to make the look and integrate as it should.

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