Mobile Overview

The Voter Gravity mobile web app is an easy way volunteers to access walklists and other voter information on any tablet or smartphone.

The mobile app stores data locally on the phone, so even if you lose your Internet connection, you'll still be able to complete walklists.

Quick Guide

A complete help guide to the mobile app is below, but here are the quick steps to get started:
  1. Go to on your smartphone or tablet and login.
  2. Touch the name of your campaign. You'll see a list of walklists assigned to you.
  3. Touch the first walklist. You'll see a map of the list and the first address.
  4. Touch the first address. You'll see a list of registered voters in the household.
  5. Touch the first voter. You'll have the options of: Survey, Refused, Voter Not In Home, Deceased, Unreachable Door, Literature Only, Not Home.
  6. To start the survey, touch Survey. The first question will appear.
  7. Touch the response to each question to record the answer. Touch the name of the next voter in the household to survey someone else, or touch Next House to move on.
  8. To search for a specific voter, touch the magnifying glass on the top right.
That's it!

Accessing the Mobile App

Authorized users, including both administrators and campaign volunteers, can access the Voter Gravity mobile app using this link:
On this screen, simply enter your email address and password then click "Login."
If you forgot your password, just click on the link in the "Forgot your password?" link. You will be prompted to enter your email address. After clicking "Submit" you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

Campaign List

After logging in the user will then be taken to a screen that lists all of the campaigns they have access to. Touch the name of the campaign you want to help and you'll be taken to a list of walklists assigned to you.
Also on this screen are two options to update your app: Send and Sync
Send: If you completed any part of a walklists but were offline, the data will be saved on your phone until you click Send. If you see a number next to Send, like (15), touch the button and it will upload that data to Voter Gravity.
Sync allows the user to refresh the walklists that are within the campaign. To Sync, touch the name of the campaign you want to update, then come back to the home screen and touch Sync.
Tip: To make sure you have the most recent lists and other information on your phone, always touch Sync when you login.


After selecting the campaign you want to help, you'll see a list of all of the walklists assigned to you.
To start canvassing, touch on the name of a list. Once you touch a walkist, you will see a map of all of the addresses on the list as well as the first address to start canvassing.
The next step is to touch the address that appears below the map:
Once the address has been selected, the screen will show all of the registered voters in that household:
At the top of the page we have the address and walking directions on how to get to the address. Below that we have the list of individuals who live within the household. Along the side of each name is their age, gender, and Gravity score if that information is available.
Any name with a star next to it is a targeted voter. This means they meet the specific filters for this walklist, however all of the voters in the household are displayed so you can walk away from the door with some data, even if the person you want is not at home.
To start a survey, touch the name of the person you want to talk to. The Survey button will become active. Touch it to get started, or one of the other options if the voter is not home or refused the survey.
When you start the survey, you'll see the questions appear on your screen.
The survey, customized by the campaign, will appear one question at a time. Read each question and the answers then touch the answer that the voter provides. Once a question is answered, the screen will automatically move to the next question.
If the survey asks for voter's information, such as email address or phone number, enter it using your device's keyboard.
Repeat these steps until the walklist is complete.
If you need to stop in the middle of a walklist, you can just come back to it later. Voter Gravity will save your place until the walklist is finished.

**We have since included a "Complete Survey" button on every page of the survey. This is essential for the data to save appropriately to the database. The volunteer just needs to click that button once the individual they are speaking to has answered all the questions they are willing to answer.

Voter Search

In some situations, you'll want to tag voters who are not on one of your walklists. To search for a voter, touch the magnifying glass icon on the top bar, to the right of the logo:
From here you can search for voters and collect data on them from place like festivals or local events.
You can search for voters using several different options:
Voter Name - the name they are registered with.
Street Address - their address.
SOS ID - their secretary of state voter ID, if they know it **Not Social Security Number!**
After you enter your search value and touch the Search button, you'll see a list of results.
Touch the name of the person you're looking for and you'll see some basic information about them.
You'll also be able to add Voter Tags to the voter. Touch the Voter Tags button and then you'll see a list of available options.
Touch the tag you want to add and it will immediately be added to that voter.

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