Phonebank Dial In Mode

When using Dial-In Mode, which is the most common phone mode on smart phones, Voter Gravity will call your phone, then automatically dial voters displaying a Caller ID number purchased by the campaign. This is especially helpful if the campaign is conducting a call-from-home program and volunteers want to help but do not want to call voters using their own Caller ID.

On the Phonebank > Start page, you will select "Dial In" and follow these steps:

  1. At the bottom, click "Connect to Voter."
  2. A popup box will appear at the top of the screen, asking you to enter a phone number. The system will remember your phone number for future sessions, but either enter your new number, or confirm the existing number. After entering/confirming your number, press Save. You will then click "Connect to Voter" one more time to enter the phone session.
  3. Voter Gravity will now call your phone. Answer the phone and the system will dial the first voter, who is currently on your screen. You will see the Voter Call Status change from Disconnected to Ringing, and the System Status change to Connected.
  4. If the voter does not pick up, but their voicemail does, press the Play Voicemail button only after the tone.
  5. You can advance through survey questions as needed selecting answers and moving to other questions until the survey is complete, or skip to "Call Next Voter" if there is a bad number or voicemail does not pick up. You can also click the "Call Home Phone" button if you have first called a voter's mobile number, but didn't reach them.
  6. Repeat this process to continue dialing voters.
  7. When you are finished calling, simply hang up your phone.
* Dial In and Headset phone modes use VoIP technology and are an additional charge.

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