Using Headset Mode

When using Gravity Phone, Voter Gravity will connect to your computer's speakers and microphone, then call voters directly from your computer via the Internet. This is an ideal tool when the campaign has a robust broadband Internet connection.

NOTE: Campaigns must have ordered a phone number to use as a caller ID for this to work. If you have any trouble connecting, please contact your campaign's coordinator.

To get started in Gravity Phone mode, from the Voter Gravity Portal at, go to Phonebank > Start. Select the Gravity Phone option.

On the Phonebank page, you will see two groups of call controls below the survey. The controls on the left are used during a call with a voter. The controls on the right are used to manage your overall connection with Voter Gravity.

To begin calling using Gravity Phone, follow these steps:

  1. On the right, click "Connect to Voter". The Status box should change from "Disconnected" to "Connecting".
  2. Depending on your browser, you will see an alert asking for your permission to let Voter Gravity access your computer's microphone. This is required for Gravity Phone to function, so please click the button to allow access to the microphone.
  3. Voter Gravity will now connect your computer to our system and then begin calling the first voter, who is currently on your screen. You will see the Voter Call Status change from Disconnected to Ringing.
  4. If the voter does not pick up, but their voicemail does, wait for the tone, then press the Play Voicemail button.
  5. Voter Gravity will now leave a pre-recorded message on the voter's voicemail and will switch you to dial the next voter.
  6. Repeat this process to continue dialing voters. Voter Gravity will automatically dial the next voter anytime you finish a call with a current voter or leave a voicemail.
  7. When you are finished calling, simply press the Disconnect button on the bottom right under Status: Connected.
* Click to Call and Gravity Phone use VoIP technology and are an additional charge.

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