Zapier Integrations

Voter Gravity's API integrates with Zapier to give campaigns the ability to automatically sync data from other web services with the contacts in their Voter Gravity account.

Common examples of this integration include:

  • New donations from Anedot to Voter Gravity contacts
  • New emails from MailChimp to Voter Gravity contacts
  • New emails from Voter Gravity to MailChimp subscribers
  • Web form submissions from Wufoo to Voter Gravity contacts
  • New contacts from Voter Gravity to a Google Spreadsheet

There are hundreds of web apps available to create thousands of potential integrations. See the full list of apps that integrate with Zapier  here.

To get started, go to Zapier and setup a free account.

Once you have a Zapier account, contact our Support Team with your campaign's name and the email address for your Zapier account.

We will share the link to the Voter Gravity Zap with you.

If you've never setup a Zap on Zapier before, we strongly recommend you learn how it works  here.

As you setup your first Zap with Voter Gravity, you'll need an API key. You can find this in the Portal under Manage > Integrations.

As you setup the Zap, you'll be able to match fields from Voter Gravity with the other app in your Zap.

Once you've built your Zap and made it active, data should move seamlessly from source apps to Voter Gravity, and from Voter Gravity to target apps. However, connecting web services can sometimes be messy business. If you run into any trouble or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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