Clearing your mobile cache

Voter Gravity's mobile web app is based on HTML5 and uses your phone's local storage to save walklists, surveys, and other informations about the campaigns where you are active so you can keep canvassing even if you are offline.

In rare cases though, this creates a problem for users when logging back in after closing their browser. It can also create an issue in rare cases where the campaign changes the survey assigned to a walklist that the user has already downloaded.

To resolve most issues where the mobile app is not behaving, we recommend clearing your browser's cache on your smartphone. Here's the exact sequence to follow for the best results:

1. Logout of the Voter Gravity mobile app

2. Clear your browser's cache (instructions for specific browsers below)

3. Close the browser (actually close it, not just minimize it. Instructions on how to do this for specific platforms below)

4. Re-open your browser

5. Login to

Clearing the cache on specific browsers


  • Safari: From the Home screen, choose Settings > Safari. Tap Clear Cache.
  • Chrome: Instructions here


Closing the browser on specific platforms

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