Manage Strikelist

From the dashboard, click Strikelists > Manage.

From this screen, you will be able to see all the strikelist that have been created for the campaign.  On the right hand side of each strikelist there is a blue "Options" button with a dropdown of actions: Assign Precinct, View Progress, and Delete.

To assign the strikelist to a volunteer, click "Assign Precinct". Select the precinct(s) that you would like to give to a volunteer, then select a volunteer from the dropdown menu, then click assign.

*Note* To unassign someone from a walklist, click the checkmark next to the person's name.

To view the progress of a strikelist, click "View Progress" within the dropdown of the strikelist.

A popup will appear giving you some statistical information on Total Voters, Struck Voters, and % struck.

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